Izakaya are informal Japanese pubs where millions of workers gather each day for after-work eating and drinking. At this local Izakaya, servers are in a frenzy to keep their clientele happy, dodging flailing arms, they balance dozens of plates at a time without a single mishap. Their secret… a sip of Suntory BOSS Coffee

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is made of mochigome, a short-grained glutinous rice. Preparation is a meticulous ceremony called ‘Mochitsuki’ where the rice is pounded into a paste and moulded into shape. It takes extreme energy and focus, and that is why the best Mochitsuki-Masters rely on Suntory BOSS Coffee

This could be the busiest intersection in the world and definitely in Japan, Shibuya Crossing is a frenzy with people moving in every direction. Nothing says “welcome to Japan” like this. During rush hour thousands of people cross paths at one time, coming from all directions – and it’s this man’s job to bring some order to this chaos. How does he do it? Suntory BOSS Coffee of course.

The Japanese rail network is famous for its speed, capacity and punctuality. In Tokyo, nearly 9 million passengers take the subway every day. Trains arrive just minutes apart and during rush hour it can get extremely overcrowded – nearly all trains run at capacity and sometimes at well overcapacity. Resulting in one of the world’s most novel careers, train pushers. Suntory BOSS Coffee in hand, they brave the crowds.